Number of School Buildings and Complementary Building

One Multi-Purpose School Building

1st floor with 1 Classroom for Kindergarten Level 1; Computer Classroom; Speech Therapy Room; Director’s Office/Administrative Office; Teachers’ Office; Library (containing approx. 700 books); Storeroom; Refreshment Room; and Restrooms.


2nd floor with 3 Classrooms for Kindergarten Levels 2/1, 2/2, and 3; Infirmary, Therapy Room (Soft Room); On-duty Teachers’ Bedrooms; Restrooms; Free-style Activity Center with area set aside for special students’ activities; and Storeroom.


3rd floor with Teachers’ Bedrooms; Male Students’ Dormitory; Female Students’ Dormitory; Storeroom; and Bathrooms for male and female students.


Complementary Building

Utility Area, part of the adjacent building of the Pattaya Orphanage, for preparation of milk and supplementary food, dish-washing, and laundry.


Computer Classroom

Free-style Activity Center


Male Students’ Dormitory / Female Students’ Dormitory

Art Classroom

Speech Therapy Room

Therapy Room



 Last updated in January 2015