13 Graduates

Sotpattana School for the Deaf congratulated 13 students who completed their early childhood education at the end of 2023 academic year on 9th February 2024.  Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Kritsada Sukkaphat, the School Board Member and Deputy Director of the Pattaya Orphanage, handed certificates to Chatmongkhon Chua-Ngoen, Ketsada Khemvacharalerd, Kanyaphak Khomuang, Phiphatphong Hoprasert , Jirawat Taengthai, Chonlada Laengla, Phiraphat Burakhon, Freya Parima Purtschert, Pratsanee Sukjaroen, Dhanawat Ngamkham, Chayanit Thongphuet, Sunisa Bunchu, and Sukanya Bunchu. Khun Bernard Mueller congratulated all of them with soft dolls.


Five students; i.e. Phuwasi Nathan, Phakin Laorueng, Waraphu Saelim, Thithat Rammanijirakul, and Sunisa Bunchu, received their certificates of good performance from Rev. Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak, the School’s Acting Licensee.


On this occasion, Dr. Somros Phonglamai MD from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya’s Rehabilitation Center was our special resource person who shared his knowledge, experience, and expertise, with guidance to parents of kids with different types of disabilities.  Thank you and best wishes to all concerned..

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