Ending Academic Year 2022

Sotpattana School for the Deaf congratulated eight graduates, i.e. Taychin Kanchanasattha (Panpan), Naphat Som-In (Ahm), Phichayaphak Khamcharoen (Yogurt), Wuthikon Ru-Nan (Happy), Dranphop Inprasong (David), Channarong Chamnanrian (Benji), and Theeraphat Phadklom (Ohm) at their completion of early childhood education with the graduation ceremony presided over by the School Manager and Acting Licensee, Rev. Dr. Michael Weera Phangrak. On this occasion, Chayanit Thongphuet (Omsin) and Adisak Ritrassami (Captain) from Level 1, Chonlada Laengla (New) and Sunisa Bunchu (Toei) in Level 2, and Phraewmai Tangmongkhonwutthi (Phraew) in Level 3, were five students who received certificates of “Students with Outstanding Academic Performance” and souvenirs from Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Kritsada Sukkaphat, Deputy Director of the Pattaya Orphanage. Parents/guardians and a few guests could enjoy stage dances presented by Level 1-3 students. After lunch, all the kindergartners returned home with their parents/guardians for the vacation. We thank all concerned for supporting these children with disabilities to further develop and progress in life..

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